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Dr Piers Nye (1946-2021) first came to Balliol as a college lecturer in 1984, becoming a Fellow in 1991 and an Emeritus Fellow in 2011. He was a beloved tutor whose interest in – and affection for - his students extended well beyond their time at Balliol.

Piers was devoted to improving access to Oxford for students from diverse backgrounds and to ensuring that all students were welcomed and well supported once at the University. It was in this spirit that he established the Medical Society Fund, which the College has named in his memory.

Piers intended that the Fund would foster a sense of community and belonging among medical and biomedical students attending Balliol. Among other things, it will:

  • Provide support for medical and biomedical students to attend both College and external events to ensure that no student is excluded for financial reasons.
  • Facilitate the academic activities of the Balliol Medical Society, including welcoming guest lecturers.
  • Support the Nasrudin Prize, which recognises excellence in scientific research, the philosophy or economics of illness, and physical or mental health.

If you would like to make a gift in memory of Piers, please support the Piers Nye Medical Society Fund and help future generations of Balliol medical and biomedical students to flourish.

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