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Apart from a one-year visiting fellowship, Jasper spent his whole academic life at Balliol. He arrived as an undergraduate in 1956 and rose swiftly to the Tutorial Fellowship in Classics, which he held until his retirement in 2004. He is remembered as a distinguished classicist, an inspirational and beloved tutor, and one of the ‘titans’ of the Balliol Fellowship.

In tribute to Jasper’s extraordinary legacy, the College has established the Jasper Griffin Memorial Fund to support Greek and Latin language teaching at Balliol. If gifts to the Fund reach £1.2million, it will endow a full-time Jasper Griffin Lecturer to:

  • Work closely with the College’s Access and Outreach team to bring the best students of every background to Balliol. This will include participation in Open Days, Taster and Classics Days and the hugely successful JACT summer schools, representing Balliol at every stage of the application process.
  • Narrow the gap between school attainment and university expectation by providing assistance and guidance to offer-holders before they arrive at Balliol and closely monitoring their progress once on-course. This will include providing assistance during vacations to make sure concerns or gaps can be addressed before the next academic term.
  • Develop the language skills of Balliol students over the full course of their degree (the Faculty’s current provision only extends until Honour Moderations) meaning Balliol classicists will be better supported for longer and the College will continue to attract those seeking the best in Classics teaching at Oxford.

Please show your support for Classics at Balliol by making a gift to the Jasper Griffin Memorial Fund today. Your gift will help to nurture a new generation of Balliol classicists, in Jasper’s memory.

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