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Balliol’s Graduate Centre at Holywell Manor is widely regarded as Oxford’s premier graduate institution. The Manor exists not merely to house our graduate members, but to enrich their intellectual, cultural, and social experience at Oxford – and to foster their well-being by giving them a supportive, friendly and comfortable collegiate home.

Generations of Manorites have enjoyed – and themselves created – the intellectual buzz of the Praefectus’s Seminars, spirited evenings of discussion in the Megaron Bar, tranquil afternoons in the garden, the Burn’s Night supper, the annual Garden Party. . . and, above all, daily contact with fellow graduates from many academic disciplines, cultures, and traditions. All this has sustained a diverse, energetic, and intellectually brilliant graduate community.

The Holywell Manor Fund helps preserve and develop this special place for future generations. Your gift to the Holywell Manor Fund will be used to support the students, student activities and facilities at the Manor. Donations fund special projects of direct benefit to graduates, and are used to maintain the treasured and unique experience that being at the Manor has given generations of Balliol graduates and undergraduates reading for second BAs.

You are helping Balliol's graduate community to thrive. Thank you.

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